The Community Fluency
CRM Suite

A fast, powerful, and easy to use database engine that's perfect for constituent management of all kinds:

  • Government Officials use it to provide world-class constituent service.
  • Political Campaigns use it to contact voters and win elections.
  • Community Relations Departments at colleges and universities use it to facilitate neighborhood liason efforts and public engagement.

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A powerful tool for legislative professionals in Rhode Island. The system automatically crawls through House and Senate calendars, bills and amendments, and organizes everything into an easy to use interface.

The system also:

  • Monitors new bills based on user interests
  • Sends daily email updates
  • Provides access to decades worth of indexed data

Tennessee Legislation Service

Like AdvocacyHub, TLS makes huge amounts of information accessible and usable. With its elegant mobile-first design, it puts decades of information right in the palm of your hand.

The system also:

  • Allows advocates to track bills and create legislative scorecards
  • Generates beautiful, detailed reports
  • Lets users sync with the legislative calendar

Global Professors Group

This online classroom provides students with access to quality, college-level instruction of the ancient language of Akkadian. Students can listen, ask questions, and discuss ideas through seamless video conferencing.

The system also:

  • Manages course documents and files
  • Allows students to track their progress
  • Facilitates group learning through student messaging